Why Hire a Landscape Maintenance Team?

Professional landscape maintenance crews keep lawns healthy

At Prewett, Read & Associates, we know that investing in landscape projects can truly transform your property, but it can also be a big challenge to maintain it on your own. That’s where a professional landscape maintenance team comes in.

From routine upkeep — including weeding, mowing, mulching and trimming — to personalized plant care and special event preparation, professional crews  keep your landscape lush. Backed with extensive knowledge, they can provide customized plans to keep their clients’ gardens thriving. We’ve put together a list of four major benefits that come with hiring a professional landscape maintenance team.

Routine Weeding & Mowing

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps ensure your lawn stays looking trim as possible. From mowing and edging lawns to weeding flowerbeds, maintenance teams take a close look at your landscape details to ensure everything looks fresh and healthy. Additional routine services include trimming, pruning and raking leaves and debris.

Professional Irrigation Systems

Making sure plants get the right amount of water is a critical component of healthy lawn maintenance. This can also be challenging, especially in Houston, Texas, where you must battle both high heat and humidity. Professional landscape maintenance teams can help you strike the right balance to keep your plants happy, healthy and lush throughout the year.

Freeze Protection Services

Maintenance teams help guard your plants against cold temperatures and freeze damage during the winter. Regular proper irrigation helps keep plants weather freezing temperature better, and there are additional steps that can be taken to insulate and protect plants. These include adding mulch, wrapping plants and spraying to create an ice barrier.

Seasonal Color & Party Preparation

Maintenance teams can help you transform your landscape from the everyday to the extraordinary with seasonal color, holiday decorations, themed plants and party décor. Pros help take your party to the next level, making each holiday or special event that much more special.

With professional landscape maintenance, you get the best care for your property. At PRA, we’re ready to roll up or sleeve to bring your landscaping dreams to life — and keep them thriving. Our certified maintenance team thoroughly inspects every detail of your property from turf to treetops, and makes preventative and restorative recommendations to keep it looking its best. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.