Top 3 Things to Consider When Adding an Outdoor Fire Feature to Your Landscape

cooler weather calls for an outdoor fire pit

Want to stay cozy all winter long — whether indoors or out? We’ve got just the thing. From small, rustic fire pits to grand outdoor fireplaces, incorporating fire features into your landscape can truly transform your backyard. We’ve outlined the top three things to consider when you’re ready to add a one of these stunning features to your landscape.


As we mentioned, fire features come in a wide variety of styles and there’s no one “right” choice. It comes down to the type of ambiance and atmosphere you’d like to create, the space available and personal preference. Some of the most popular types of fire features are pits, in-ground rings, bowls, tables, chimeneas and outdoor fireplaces.


Just as there are numerous styles you can choose from, there are tons of fire-resistant materials available. The type of material or materials you ultimately decide to go with — whether that’s brick, steel, copper, stone or concrete — will likely come down to your preferences in color, texture and overall look and feel. For example, if you’re looking for an elegant fire features that blends seamlessly into a sleek, modern landscape design, you may opt for stainless or even weathered steel. On the other hand, if you’d like a more classic, traditional style, you may go with brick or stone.


Any time there’s open flames, fire safety is the number one consideration. Whether you have a large or small space, it’s important to consider the proximity of any flammable materials and ensure that things like dry kindling, dead leaves or flammable fabrics are at a safe distance from the feature. A landscape architect can help you identify the best space and provide guidance on how to choose the best size and materials for the space.

Fire features not only provide warmth when you need it most, but they also serve as a focal point in your landscape — a place for guests and family to gather, connect and build memories. At Prewett, Read & Associates, are team of licensed landscape architects specialize in design-build services. We can help bring warmth and coziness to your landscape year-round with a custom outdoor fire feature designed for your space. Contact us to learn more.