Top 3 Misconceptions about Landscaping in Houston

While it may seem like there are many rules to follow to keep your Houston landscaping flawless, there are even more misconceptions. Having the proper landscaping care and maintenance is crucial to the health of your plants and lawn, but with different sources offering varying information, it’s easy to be misled.

Relying on your trustworthy landscape design-build and maintenance firm is one way to ensure your landscape stays beautiful and healthy, but also debunking the myths can help you stay informed.

Myth #1: Short grass requires less maintenance
Keeping your grass short might lengthen the time in-between mowings, but it can also put stress on your lawn, causing damage that required extensive maintenance. Because the grass is cut short, the root system follows suit and its shallowness causes the soil to dry out faster. Improper mowing can also cause weeds and uneven grass growth.

The Truth: Mow your grass short enough to look manicured, but tall enough that it will maintain healthy roots. Also, consider mowing your grass in different directions each time so soil and grass doesn’t become compact and grow unevenly.

Myth #2: There’s no such thing as “overwatering”
Although Houston summers can be brutally hot, there is a limit to the amount of water your plants and lawn need – and can handle. Frequent watering that leaves standing water on lawns and garden beds can lead to wilted, yellow leaves and grass blades, collapsed stems, root rot, foot printing and dead grass and plants.

The Truth: Depending on your plants and if your grass was newly installed or established, watering recommendations will vary. Typically, watering should happen in the early morning or later evening hours (but not overnight). Over the course of a week, water should soak the ground down to about an inch depending on the weather. For proper watering and serious cost savings, consider installing an irrigation system.

Myth #3: Fertilize in the spring
Using the right fertilizer at the right time is essential for growing healthy plants and turf. While many people believe applying fertilizer in the spring helps plants bloom again and grass grow back, it is actually too soon since lawns and plants are just breaking from their winter dormancy.

The Truth: Using fertilizer blends with 100% plant food and no filler keeps your plants and grass healthy and strong. It’s also most opportune to fertilize later in the spring season after your landscaping has had time to “wake up”. For flowering plants like rose bushes, fertilizer should be applied only after new growth can be seen.

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