‘Tis the Season for Landscape Maintenance

Although the growing season is coming to an end, landscape maintenance is still needed to keep your investment healthy throughout fall and winter. We’ve curated a list of dos and don’ts as we head into the cooler months of the year.

Fall Landscape Maintenance Tips

  • Only lightly prune plants to keep their general shape and neat appearance. With winter around the corner, freshly cut stems/wood are more susceptible to potential freeze damage.
  • Keep in mind leaves will begin to fall soon and less time will be needed for pruning plants and more time will be needed picking up leaves and debris.
  • Lawn fertilization in the fall is very important. It is the fall fertilization that will allow your lawn to store carbohydrates this winter that will promote early season green color in the spring.
  • Continue to monitor your lawn and plants for insects and disease. Mild temperatures and fall moisture will promote disease, such as Brown patch and sod webworm. If you notice this, contact our team as soon as possible!
  • Don’t forget to reduce sprinklers to avoid overwatering as the days are shorter and temperatures are cooler.

Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

  • If you have overseeded your lawn with winter ryegrass, mowing will be required regularly.
  • Winter annuals will need to be fertilized, sprayed and maintained through the season.
  • Don’t forget general maintenance is still needed to remove winter weeds in landscape beds. You’ll also want to clean general debris throughout your landscape.
  • Since Houston experiences milder winters, late winter is the time to prepare for spring. Summer blooming perennials will need to be pruned to promote new growth in the spring.

Check out the rest of our blog for more tips. If you’re not already a regular maintenance customer, ask our team how you can get on our schedule!