The Hardscapes Your Garden Needs for Outdoor Holiday Entertaining

As the holidays near, you may be preparing to host family and friends at your home for eating, drinking and merriment. But not everyone wants to spend all that time indoors. Weather permitting, entertaining guests outdoors during the holiday season is a great way to bring your loved ones together while getting some fresh, cool air. These hardscapes are perfect for outdoor gatherings. Read on to find out which ones you’d like to add to your design wish list this year.

Fire Features
Who doesn’t love gathering around a fire with a glass of wine, a blanket and maybe some pumpkin pie? Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are a stylish way to keep the chill out of your garden while still getting to enjoy the feeling of being outside. Plus, the heat and beauty of the flames make fire features a natural center of outdoor socialization. There’s a wide array of fire feature designs that range from traditional to modern – including fire bowls, fire tables and even full chimneys.

Outdoor Kitchens and Grill Stations
Every party needs food, and there’s no need to leave your garden to cook it. Outdoor kitchens are an elegant addition to any landscape, and their inclusion in your design means there’s never a reason to go back and forth from the kitchen indoors when you’re cooking for a group. Grill stations can be a more cost-effective alternative, with hardscape designs that make for a natural supplement to your landscape’s look.

Pergolas are typically made of wood with an open lattice top that allows for light sun and breeze – perfect for those days where the fall and winter weather is a bit warmer than you’d prefer. Spruce up your pergola by adding climbing vines or flowers – with some elegant outdoor seating, you’re ready to keep your outdoor party going.

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