Smart Phone Controlled Irrigations Systems Save You Time and Money.

Because we live in such a connected world, you can now control your sprinkler from the palm of your hand. Giving you complete control of your irrigation system, smart phones allow you to replace your traditional controller.

There are a variety of brands offering Apple and Android users the ability to harness wi-fi connectivity to monitor and adjust your sprinklers from anywhere, at any time. This means that whether you’re in another country on business or lying on the beach during vacation, you can control your sprinklers with the touch of a finger on your screen.

Features include the ability to control different zones – like your front yard versus your vegetable garden – as well as the option to set fixed or flexible watering intervals. Some smart phone applications are even connected to weather reports, adjusting your watering scheduled based on the forecast.

Taking advantage of a smart phone connected control makes your irrigation process streamlined and more efficient. You can essentially water however you want, whenever you want – even if your irrigation needs changes in an instant.

With how quickly Houston weather can change, scheduled systems usually waste water. Since they aren’t tied to the weather forecast, and unless you’re at home to change the programmed settings in the event of a rain storm, your system will water even if it just rained. The same mindset works if you’re leaving town for business or vacation. Instead of having your neighbors water your plants and lawn, or setting your system on a unwavering schedule, you can use your smart phone to oversee when and how much water you lawn needs.

Ultimately, just as the invention of the lawn mower revolutionized lawn maintenance, smart phone controlled irrigation systems are transforming how lawns and garden beds are being cared for. By taking advantage of the technological advances, you’ll be saving time and money, and your lawn and gardens will look lush, healthy and beautiful.

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