Show Your Landscape Love Before Spring’s Arrival

Pruning shrubs and trimming trees is the best place to start showing your landscape love.

While it’s still technically the middle of winter, spring is only one month away, and with it comes the importance of making sure your landscape is ready for the warmer weather and fresh blooms ahead. Colder weather can leave your plantings weak and hungry, especially if they haven’t been receiving enough water and sunshine. Follow these tips to show your landscape some love this month before the arrival of spring.

Prune Shrubs & Trim Trees

First thing’s first: focus on cutting back any dead branches or leaves from your plants to get rid of anything that may have become damaged during the winter. Be careful to only remove parts of your plant that have died and leave behind buds on flowering shrubs. Cutting away dead and damaged branches will give your plants room to grow and flourish in the spring.

Clear Winter Debris

Winter is dry and cold and brings a lot of dead leaves with it — not the ideal conditions for a garden. Clear your plant beds and lawn of dead leaves and twigs to make room for a fresh layer of fertilizer. If this debris gets in the way, it could prevent your plants and lawn from getting the nutrients they need to thrive in the springtime.

Freshen Fertilizer

Replace dried out mulch or fertilizer with fresh material that will help enhance your plants’ growth when spring rolls around. New fertilizer will help to trap moisture and ensure that your plants are getting enough nutrients and water, effectively bringing life back into them as the weather begins to warm.

Ready to put some spring back into your garden? Prepare for the warmer months ahead by contacting Prewett, Read & Associates. We’ll make sure your garden looks colorful and lively for the spring and summer ahead.