At Prewett, Read & Associates, we want to help you sustain the health, beauty and value of your investment. Once construction is complete, ongoing maintenance is essential. Whether we’ve worked together on your landscape installation project, or this is your first time using us, our team is ready to help.

Our certified maintenance team thoroughly inspects every detail of your property from turf to treetops, and makes preventative and restorative recommendations to keep it looking its best. From pruning and weeding to as-needed treatment for insects and diseases, our full-service maintenance program incorporates the best horticulture practices, providing long-term plant health for years to come.

Need a custom maintenance schedule?

Need a custom maintenance schedule?





It took only one growing season to transform our clients’ fairly shaded yard with patches of grass into a fully covered lawn with lush green grass. On a monthly basis, our maintenance team controlled the sprinkler clock and fertilized the grass. We also recommended proper mowing height, which our client followed. This yard is proof that, when watered and fertilized properly, you can drastically improve the condition and health of your lawn.

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