Patience is a Virtue: Constructing Your Dream Pool

Todays’ world is obsessed with instant gratification, having to wear the latest designs or drive the newest cars. But sometimes the most rewarding experiences are those you have to wait for. Take pool planning and construction as an example. The creation of these backyard features can’t happen overnight, which means you’ll have to hold-out before you take the first dip in your pool.

However, the wait is well worth it. With the ability to fully-customize your swimming pool, features including fountains, tanning ledges, lights and fire bowls can be added at your request. While the time you have to wait varies depending on scheduling or inclusion of various elements, when the construction is complete, you, your family and friends will have a backyard oasis to enjoy for years to come.

Before your swimming pool project gets underway, learn more about the steps it takes to create your dream space.

Step 1: Planning
Before any construction can begin, your Prewett, Read & Associates licensed landscape architect will review your current yard and listen to your wishes for your pool and space overall. After we have an idea in mind, our team will draw up your plans, review them with you and make any changes before obtaining your final approval. At this time, we’ll also schedule any contractors necessary to completing your job.

Step 2: Permitting
Our team acquires any permits necessary for your pool construction. This includes permitting for the pool itself, any decking, utility hook-ups or summer kitchen or other structure we’re including in your landscaping design.

Step 3: Layout
With the permits in place and your approval of plans, the construction process begins! Before breaking ground, we’ll stake out your pool in the specific location where it will be built.

Step 4: Excavation
Once you approve the exact location of the pool, our team will begin excavating the ground, creating the pool shape and depth.

Step 5: Steel
Reinforcing the pool sides and bottom, the appropriate grade of steel rebar is placed horizontally and vertically.

Step 6: Plumbing & Electrical
Because the plans were finalized before any construction began, the plumbers we contract with know exactly where to install drains, skimmers, return lines and other plumbing aspects. Simultaneously, electricians are connecting the pump and other electrical components like lights.

Step 7: Gunite/Shotcrete Application
This is where your pool will really begin to take shape. A mixture of sand and cement is applied on top of the rebar through a high-pressure hose. A crew then goes around and smooths out the surface, creating edges, benches, ledges and more.

Step 8: Tile, Coping & Decking
Once the concrete is fully dried, decorative tiles will be added to the pool. You have your choice of color and texture – and your Prewett, Read & Associates custom pool expert will help you make decisions that tie into your entire landscaping aesthetic. Finishing of the space is the deck that will surround the perimeter of your pool. We’ll tie this flooring choice in with your summer kitchen or other entertaining space if you choose to add those aspects.

Step 9: Final Inspection
After the plumbing and electric are connected, a final inspection will be conducted to ensure all requirements, codes and regulations were met.

Step 10: Interior Finish
The interior of your pool will be coated with a finish and polish. You are able to choose the texture and color to compliment the tile and decking selected previously.

Step 11: Start Up
The pool is filled and chemicals are added. Once stable, you, your family and friends are welcome to get in and enjoy it!

See the construction process in action! Watch our time lapse video of a local pool installation.