Party Prep before Your Next Big Event

Party preparation services are all about getting your landscaping looking pristine for an event you’re hosting. From graduation parties and birthday celebrations, to barbecues and even weddings, your property needs an all-encompassing clean-up to look its best.

Regardless of occasion, if you’ll be entertaining outdoors, landscape maintenance should be on your to-do list. Don’t have time? Hire a professional crew. No matter who is undertaking the clean-up, follow this checklist:

Tend to Your Lawn
If people are going to be mingling throughout your outdoor space, you need ensure your lawn is well kept. Mow your lawn a couple days before and be sure to remove the grass clippings for a clean and polished look. For lawns that have issue spots, consider patching over them with sod a few weeks before your event.

If you have an irrigation system that will run right before or during your party, don’t forget to turn it off. You don’t want guests walking on wet grass, and you certainly don’t want your friends and family having to leave your space when the sprinklers turn on.

Prune Shrubs and Flowers
Depending on when your event is, you’ll need to prune different shrubs and flowers. However, you can still go around and remove any dead plant heads or unwanted sections of shrubs. And don’t forget about weeding. Go through your gardening beds and remove unsightly weeds and rouge grasses.

Clean Hardscapes
Make any necessary repairs to your deck, pathways, pergola or any other structure your guests will be around. You’ll also want to clean up any leaves, grass clippings or other debris that has settled in corners for a nice, clean look.

Plant Seasonal Color
Depending on the type of event your hosting, add seasonal color to garden beds or planters. Your outdoor space will look fresh catch the attention of your guests.

Light Up Your Paths
Haven’t changed the bulbs in your outdoor lights lately? You may want to consider checking and even replacing your lights if your party will take place in the evening or into nighttime.

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