Outdoor Fire Features: A Sure-Fire Way to Stay Cozy This Winter

outdoor fire pit

Picture this:  You’re sipping on mulled cider from the comfort of your back porch while holiday lights twinkle in the distance.  Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? We can help you make that dream a reality.

Don’t let your backyard go to waste this winter just because it’s chilly outside. Instead, stay warm and cozy while you enjoy the holiday season with custom fire features. Outdoor fire features not only provide heat so you can entertain outdoors all year long, but they also help beautify your property and accentuate your landscape. From portable designs to custom-built features, they come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles that can bring good cheer to your backyard.

outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces

Want to go big and bold? A wood-burning outdoor fireplace may be the best fit for you. Most often made of brick and mortar, outdoor fireplaces bring a wealth of coziness and rustic charm to your landscape. If you’re looking for a more sleek or contemporary look, you can also find prefabricated steel and propane-fueled options. As a general rule of thumb, wood-burning fireplaces tend to release more heat. However,  design, wood type and several other factors play a role in the amount of warmth produced.

natural looking outdoor firepit

Fire Pits & Bowls

Generally smaller and more compact than fireplaces, fire pits and bowls can provide a great gathering place to bring people together. Because they don’t require as much space to build, they can be designed to complement your outdoor space. Like other outdoor fire features, fire pits and bowls come in a wide variety of options, including wood-burning, propane and natural gas-fueled, steel, brick and even wooden. Fire pits and bowls can also be designed to work with your outdoor furniture, décor and other landscape elements to create a seamless look.



Versatile and compact, chimineas — Spanish for “chimney” — are a great choice if you’re looking for a smaller or portable option. They are characterized by having a low semi-enclosed potbelly shape and stocky chimney, making them safer than an open fire pit and less smoky. Traditionally, they are made from terracotta — fired clay with a distinctive warm reddish-brown color — but can be found made from a variety of materials today.

With all outdoor fire features, taking proper care and precautions when using them to follow safety guidelines is critical. Never leave a lit fire feature unattended and be sure to invest in proper installation and maintenance to ensure the feature is properly installed and safe to use. If you’re interested in adding a fire feature to your landscape this winter, Prewett, Read and Associates is here to help. Contact us today to get started.