New Year, New Landscape

Winter garden to bring a new landscape outlook to the new year.

2021 is finally here, and in the spirit of new beginnings, why not refresh your landscape with a brand-new look? If 2020 had your garden feeling a little lackluster, there are plenty of ways you can change things up to start the year off the right way. These landscaping tips will help guide you as you do away with the old and usher in the new.

Clear Out the Clutter

As exciting as a fresh new year can be, January is still, unfortunately, the middle of winter. This means your lawn may have a few more dead leaves, plants or pinecones than you’d prefer to see. Start by removing any dead growth to clean up the look of your landscape. Adding new mulch to plant and flower beds is also recommended to prevent them from drying out in the colder weather.

Add Some Color

A new year is a time to feel inspired and creative, so why not add some color to your garden? There’s more to a colorful landscape than flowers that only bloom in the springtime, so consider adding some winter cabbage, pansies or camellias to brighten your lawn’s look. These new additions will brighten your garden and create an inviting ambiance.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

The secret to any beautiful landscape is regular maintenance, including trimming shrubbery, mowing grass, pruning leaves and replenishing mulch and fertilizer to keep plants healthy. Adding an irrigation system tailored to your lawn’s specific needs is also recommended, so you can do away with manual watering and ensure your landscape is always getting the care that it needs. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will keep your lawn looking its best all year long.

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