New Year, Fresh Start: Garden Design & Landscaping Trends for 2023

pink and blue hydrangeas

The start of the new year brings a promise of growth and a fresh start. As landscape architects, we like to use the start of the new year to look at the big garden design trends that are on the rise. While some landscape architecture trends aren’t going anywhere — looking at you, perfectly manicured lawns — each year brings a fresh crop of popular designs with it. We’ve rounded up some of the top garden design and landscaping trends for 2023.

New Victorian style garden with wisteria

New Victorian

Featuring rambling roses and other romantic flowers, the New Victorian style offers a cleaner, more orderly variation of the cottage garden look. It’s rise in popularity is most likely tied to Netflix’s hit “Bridgerton” series, which is set during the Regency era in London and features stunning English gardens. While this style has historical roots, it provides an updated take on the look with soft colors and more streamlined design.

Greek design archway with climbing flowers

Greek & Mediterranean Design

The romantic garden design trends continue with the rising interest in Greek and Mediterranean-inspired gardens. This style includes classical elements and structures, such as natural stone paving, arches, walls and even statues. You’ll also see vibrant greenery and climbing plants used to accentuate each of these elements, along with drought-resistant plant varieties like rosemary, lavender and pomegranate, olive and cypress trees.

succulent garden

Waterwise Gardens

As the name suggests, waterwise gardens are designed to reduce the watering and irrigation needs, especially in arid, dry or otherwise harsh environments. These gardens often feature plants with low supplemental water needs — such as succulents and drought-tolerant shrubs — and strategically grouped plantings. What may be surprising is that these gardens can still feature a wide variety of colors and textures, with a combination of flowers, grasses and shrubs.

hummingbird with red flowers

Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens bring the sights and sounds of nature a little closer to home. These gardens are crafted with special attention paid to stimulating the five senses. For example, a sensory garden may have a fountain or built-in waterfall, flowers that attract hummingbirds and live moss that is soft to the touch. This type of garden is ideal for creating a peaceful space that allows you to tune in and connect with nature, decompress from daily stressors and recharge your energy.

Garden design can be inspiring, curious and eye-opening, and the new year is the perfect time to dream big. Ask yourself, what are your landscape goals? What garden design trends inspire you? What did you learn about your landscape last year that can guide your design this year? Perhaps you’ve always loved cottage gardens but wanted it to be a little more organized, or maybe you’re ready to add your dream addition to your outdoor entertaining space. Whatever it is you’re envisioning, the team at Prewett, Read & Associates is here to help make it a reality.