Landscape Tips for Smaller Spaces

When it comes to creating a beautiful landscape, no space is too small. In fact, smaller outdoor areas —like courtyards, atriums or gardens themselves — are an important part of your home. These spaces should be designed with the same attention to detail and thoughtful planning that you’d apply to a larger area. There are many ways to approach designing a small space, and those depend on the space itself.

A courtyard is all about the view. You’re trying to marry the inside with the outside and make the space look like an extension of your house. To that end, it takes an extra level of detail when choosing the materials. Brick, stone, patterns, textures, plants, furniture, seat walls, lighting, focal points and more — details matter when you’re designing the area that you can see from all different angles inside your home. Plants like annuals and perennials add color and an extra element of flair to your courtyard. They’re also a great way to change the color scheme seasonally.

If you have a small garden, you don’t want to waste any space. The key is maximizing the space you have using size and proportion to your advantage. Maybe your vision includes a pool, grilling area, privacy screening, seating area or firepit. It’s not impossible to have all of those things if you maximize space. There are plenty of ways to transform a small space into a jaw-dropping landscape as long as you have a strong concept with smart design.

No space is too small. For more ideas, contact the Prewett, Read & Associates team.