Make Plans for Your Dream Landscape

It might be December, but it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for your dream landscape. Starting now means you could be enjoying a new pool, water feature or garden by summertime.

Landscape Enhancements
The design of your landscape depends on your lifestyle and needs for your outdoor space. As the years go by, your needs may evolve. For example, you may be interested in expanding your garden or upgrading your patio. Our team is here to help you with your landscape design as well as enhancements that can take your landscape to the next level. Learn more >>

Landscape Lighting
Enjoy your landscape designs even after the sun sets with elegant landscape lighting. Whether you’re interested in lighting that is functional or decorative, Prewett, Read & Associates will guide you through options that will enhance the ambiance of your landscape. We’re talking moon lights, up and down lighting, shade structure lighting, sconces and more. Our team can help illuminate your garden so you can enjoy it into the evening. Learn more >>

Custom Designed Pools
When it’s hot and humid, keep cool in your pool designed by Prewett, Read & Associates. Working with a registered landscape architect means your pool will be included in the master landscape plan, ensuring it fits with the overall theme and environment of your space. We also take into consideration your uses for the swimming pool and can recommend added features to enhance the functionality of your pool.

Custom Irrigation System
An expertly designed and installed irrigation system can make your landscape flourish, as well as conserve water and money by reducing overspray and preventing over- or under-watering. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your lawn is evenly watered. Have sprinklers already? We recommend you have your system inspected each year to ensure top performance. Learn more >> 

Serving up Outdoor Kitchens
Offering all the features of an indoor kitchen – including appliances, cabinets and ample prep space – outdoor kitchens are designed for entertaining. Barbecues, grills and other necessities like refrigerators and sinks are combined to create an efficient work space. Outdoor kitchens can also be equipped with fans, lighting and even sounds systems.

A Space for Fido
Since Fido is a beloved member of many families, Prewett, Read & Associates has recommendations to create a landscape functional for you and your dog! From types of plantings to strategically designed spaces, we can create a space for your active, curious and playful furry family members. Learn more >>

Ready to take your landscape to the next level? Talk to our team about how we can help!