Lights, Camera, Action! Landscape Lighting Feature

Enjoy your landscape designs even after the sun sets with elegant landscape lighting. Whether you’re interested in lighting that is functional or decorative, Prewett, Read & Associates will guide you through options that will enhance the ambiance of your landscape.

Moon Lights & Down Lights: Subtly positioned in large trees, these lights shine through foliage to create beautiful shadows on the ground. Perfect for adding the right amount of light to illuminate pathways or entry points, these lights create soft lighting to highlight dark places.

Up Lighting: Ideal for lighting a row of ornamental trees, trellises or other garden features, up lighting enhances and adds to the overall landscape design. Projecting light in-between branches and foliage, shadows are created on fences or turf adding dimension to the overall landscaping.

Sconces: Wall-mounted sconces are perfect for washing light across homes for added curb appeal in the evening and nighttime. Also great for fences, sconces can help illuminate the perimeter of your garden to define the space.

Path Lights: Both striking and functional, path lights illuminate walkways for added safety in addition to providing light to enjoy plantings.

Shade Structure Lighting: Summer kitchens, pergolas and other shade structures will have different kinds of lights on switches and dimmers to illuminate each space at night. A light can also be strategically placed above the grill or bar areas for added visibility.

Recessed Lighting: Ensure you, your friends and family can maneuver safely down steps at night with lighting built into stairs. Essentially hidden from sight, ample light is thrown brightening potential trip hazards.

Pool Lighting: Pools come to life at night with a variety of lighting options. Underwater lights in the pool and spa, lighted steps and spotlights in trees or on the house aimed at water features all create a stunning affect.
Pendant Lights: Brighten up entryways and gates with beautiful pendants. This type of lighting also helps direct people to entrances and exits.

Sport Court Lights: Make sure you can work on your game even after the sun goes down with bright lights designed specifically to illuminate tennis and basketball courts and batting cages.

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