Landscape Maintenance – There’s No Time like the Present

May is an important maintenance month as it is a prime time for pruning, shaping, cleaning, cultivating, mulching, fertilizing and planting. With so much on the list, it can seem daunting, but Prewett, Read & Associates has a few maintenance tips to get your landscape looking fresh and ready for summer.

  • Prune spring-blooming flowering plants and shrubs for structure and shape by removing up to one-third of the oldest wood to boost future flower development.
  • Clean up your beds by removing weeds and all dead plants. Also, don’t forget to clean your plants by deadheading flowers which will promote new growth and restore current growth.
  • Apply mulch on your beds to help control weeds, absorb and retain water and moderate root temperatures.
  • Add compost or fertilizer to your beds and around your plants to provide revitalizing nutrients.
  • When planting, keep spacing in mind to allow for plant growth and proper coverage.

Don’t forget your irrigation system!
Since Houston’s summers are known for high temperatures and little rainfall, you want to test your irrigation system before things heat up. Run the system to see if you need to replace any damaged sprinkler heads and watch where the water flows to make sure it’s watering your plants and lawn, not the pavement. Our team can help you make adjustments for optimal watering.

The Prewett, Read & Associates Maintenance Department can help you with all of your landscape maintenance needs. Contact us today for a consultation!