Keep Your Landscape Lush in Summer Heat

It’s shaping up to be another hot Houston summer, and high temperatures can affect the look and livelihood of your landscape. Keep your cool and explore these ways you can prevent the heat from getting the best of your garden.

Cultivate Soil and Add Fresh Mulch
Be sure to regularly cultivate dried layers of soil. This will help your plants retain water and provide the roots shade, so they continue to stay healthy despite the heat. Adding fresh mulch will also protect your plants from the sun and prevent grass from growing in areas where it isn’t wanted.

Tend and Water
The summer months require consistent landscape maintenance as plants are actively growing. Water your plants and lawn regularly to ensure they’re getting the moisture they need, prune dead or pest-ridden limbs and branches, and treat for weeds and pests appropriately.

Plant Greenery
Although summer’s heat brings an end to the flowery blooms of spring, lush greenery is abundant during the summer months. Planting heat-tolerant annuals can keep this color thriving throughout your landscape over the summer.

Remove Debris
To get ahead of rapid plant growth associated with the warmer months, maintain your plant and flower beds by regularly cleaning out debris, keeping their borders tidy and trimming leaves and branches, leaving your landscape in top shape for its summer in the sun.

Prewett, Read & Associates has all the tools for maintaining and caring for your landscape during the heat of Houston summers. Contact us today to find out how we can help your garden thrive.