Irrigation and Drainage Go Hand in Hand

Before your landscape is even installed, irrigation and drainage concerns need to be addressed, since both are imperative to keeping your lawn and plants healthy and strong.

Customized Irrigation System
An irrigation system provides a set amount of water at specific times—saving you time, water and money. Because water systems can be customized, Prewett, Read & Associates is able to adjust the amount of water that goes to different parts of your landscape. By zoning your outdoor space, we’re able to supply plants the exact amount of water they need, depending on their specific growing conditions. Zoning also means your grass can be water separately and more often, keeping it strong and vibrant.

Landscape Drainage Planning
To further promote plant health and prevent the oversaturation or flooding of your landscaping, an effective drainage system must be in place. Moving excess water away from your home, hardscapes and garden is key to preventing ponding and waterlogged plantings.

Although there are many types of drainage surfaces, including pervious (designed to let water naturally seep through and down into the soil), impervious (pavement that does not allow seepage, instead water runs into a drain) and containment (collecting water in a designated place), it’s important to work with experts. Prewett, Read & Associates has a proven track record navigating clients through the permitting and compliance process with the City of Houston and specific engineers. Our team also understands the delicate balance between form and function. While draining is very important, it should also be strategically placed to not interrupt the landscape’s aesthetic.

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