How to Have the Harvest Look

The vibrant hues of fall annuals signal the arrival of autumn. To achieve a harvest look in your garden beds or containers, consider planting a variety of annuals. Some of our favorites include cabbage, Cyclamen, Dianthus, Pansies, Primrose and Stock.

Croton plants, known for their leathery, variegated leaves turn from shades of green to rich shades of yellow, red, orange and purple. Whether you add larger shrubs to compliment your garden beds or smaller plants to act as an accent in containers, they make a clear statement of fall.

Also planting Snapdragons and Petunias, with deep hues of burgundy and purple, as well as traditional seasonal colors of orange, yellow and white, add to the attractive fall landscape. Since care for these plants is relatively simple and easy, the colors can last well into the fall season.

If texture is what you’re looking to add to your garden, consider Dusty Miller or a variety of grasses, like Purple Fountain Grass. Adding another dimension to your garden beds and containers, plants like these can contrast flowering plants more of an impact.

Fall for these annuals and you’ll have a beautiful pop of seasonal color this season. Contact the team at Prewett, Read & Associates for more information.