Landscape Tip: Healthy Soil Means Happy Plants

Keeping plants and lawn looking healthy throughout the year is a common challenge among homeowners. Everyone wants their landscape looking vibrant through the spring, summer and fall months, and to ensure that happens, your Prewett, Read & Associates team recommends fertilizing. Although, everyone’s plant and lawn needs are different, there are a few principles we follow when it comes to all of our clients’ landscapes.

We believe in blending our own fertilizer based on our clients’ individual landscapes. After reviewing soil and water samples, we tailor our fertilizer to meet the soil’s needs and to provide a solid foundation for plant growth.

Our team also recommends using fertilizer blends with 100% plant food and no filler to keep your plants healthy and strong. Another option to consider is quick- or slow-release fertilizer. Quick-release blends immediately provide food to soil and plants, helping them recover quickly from a lack of nutrients. On the other hand, slow-release fertilizer delivers steady food throughout the growing period.

Scheduling fertilizer applications should not be determined by a date on a calendar, but instead based on the weather and plant needs. Take for example your lawn. Many people think fertilizing in the early spring will help their turf grow back healthier, but in actuality when breaking winter dormancy it is the stored carbohydrates from the fall fertilizer application that promotes early spring’s recovery of the lawn – making later in the season the most opportune time to fertilize. The same thought should be considered for flowering plants like rose bushes. Fertilizer should be applied after new growth can be seen.

Understanding what fertilizer is comprised of and knowing the best times to use it helps you optimize the fertilizer’s benefits, leaving you with a rich and vibrant landscape. Your team at Prewett, Read & Associates can help you determine what is best for your landscape’s needs.