Fall Seasonal Color: Festive Showstoppers

White pumpkin patch with ornamental kale

From pumpkins to perennials, there are many ways to bring the magic of the season to life with fall seasonal color. Elevate your front entrance with vibrant flowers or multi-colored gourds, create a cozy atmosphere with lanterns along your walkway, or even add a little spookiness with spindly spiderwebs and dark blooms.

Whether you are looking to host the holidays or just want to spruce up your landscape, the possibilities are wide open. To help you get into the seasonal spirit, we’ve compiled a list of fall seasonal color showstoppers to help you wow family and friends.


Arguably the most iconic fall décor, pumpkins help set the stage for the season. While bright orange is the most common color, pumpkins come in a range of shades including muted grays and blacks and pale striped patterns. Plus, pumpkin displays are extremely versatile. You can find displays that are fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated — and everything in between.

Burning Bush

The vibrant crimson color of the burning bush is a sight to behold. These hardy, versatile shrubs are easy to maintain and thrive in full to partial sun, making them a popular choice for Texas landscapes. Blooming bright red in the fall, they hold their color through the winter when other plants tend to fade or lose their foliage.

Purple Coneflower

Don’t let the name confuse you. While purple coneflower can be brilliant violet, it can also come in a variety of hues, ranging from pink and lavender to red, orange and even white. Plus, they are known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the summer and fall.

Ornamental Grasses

With a vast variety to choose from, ornamental grasses can add texture, color and coverage to your garden. Some varieties are tall and wispy, like pampas grass and purple fountain grass. Meanwhile, others come in richer colors and provide more dense coverage.

Whether you’re gearing up for a party or want to add fall blooms to your garden, Prewett, Read & Associates can help you transform your landscape with fall seasonal showstoppers. Contact us today to bring your autumnal visions to life.