Elevating Your Backyard with Landscape Architecture

manicure backyard landscape architecture

What is the landscape of your dreams? Do you envision a colorful garden with fairy lights or a swimming pool with a built-in waterfall? Whatever you picture when you close your eyes and think of your ideal landscape, the New Year is the perfect time to make a landscape resolution.

Working with licensed professional landscape architects can help you make your dream a reality. As a full-service firm specializing in design-build services, Prewett, Read & Associates know how to help you with this first-hand. So, for those of you curious or excited about elevating your landscape in the New Year, we’ve outlined the landscape architecture services we offer and what each one entails.

Design-Build Services

Design-build services allow you to enjoy a fully customized landscape design, large or small. This may range from vegetable gardens and manicured hedging to complex builds such as swimming pools, gazebos, pergolas and outdoor entertaining areas. Since these projects are long-term investments, the process typically begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your vision. Landscape architects then partner with other professionals, including architects, interior designers and engineers, to develop a detailed plan that meets your specific goals, budget and available space.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation includes masonry work, turf and grasswork, plantings and flowerbed installation. These services are often included in a full design-build project but may also be the star of the show. Fresh flowers, including pops of seasonal color and vibrant greenery, can help revitalize your landscape with vibrant color. Incorporating stonework and pavers into your landscape allows you to create pathways or trails throughout your garden, inviting a sense of discovery — all while protecting your newly installed landscape.

Irrigation & Drainage

Texas heat can be harsh on your landscape, making it hard for your plants to stay properly hydrated. A properly installed irrigation and drainage system keeps your landscape happy, healthy and thriving throughout the year. By adapting to meet the needs of the season, you can avoid over- or under-watering, conserve water and cut down on costs over time.

Landscape Maintenance

Regular ongoing maintenance is essential for keeping your landscape looking its best. Professional maintenance crews not only keep your landscape tidy — routinely mowing, edging and trimming the lawn — but also monitor your plant’s health, making sure your garden is getting enough nutrients and removing any dead debris or harmful pests.

Investing in landscape architecture can elevate your backyard by welcoming beauty, color and a truly tailor-made experience to your home. Please let us know if you have any questions about how a design-build, landscape installation, irrigation or ongoing maintenance service can help you realize your vision.

At Prewett, Read & Associates, bringing life to design is what we do best.