Elevate Your Landscape with Fall Seasonal Color

bright orange pumpkins on hay bale

Fall means something special to everyone — whether that’s a time of gratitude and abundance or a celebration of all things spooky. For others, it’s a welcome relief from the scorching summer heat.

At Prewett, Read and Associates, it’s an exciting time for party prep and seasonal color. From designing harvest-ready cornucopia displays to hanging plastic skeletons, we help our clients bring the season to life through inventive landscape design. To help you get inspired, we’ve outlined four of the most popular ways to elevate your landscape with fall seasonal color.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins are the quintessential seasonal décor. While you might first think of the classic bright orange jack-o-lanterns with glowing eyes, pumpkins come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors — from white to green to icy blue. For example, white Baby Boos and two-toned Batwings are small decorative pumpkins perfect for adding a touch of extra spookiness to your Halloween decorations. Meanwhile, the striped Blaze and mottled Carnival pumpkins add vibrancy to festive fall displays, cornucopia décor and landscape design. But pumpkins aren’t the only gourds worth mentioning. Incorporating squashes like the oblong butternut, deep green acorn, orange-and-green striped cushaw and others can add more visual texture and colors to your decorations.

Warm Landscape Lighting

Custom lighting can help create ambiance and bring warmth to your landscape. Whether you’re going for an ethereal glow — perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters to your front door — or want to compliment the season’s signature colors of oranges, golds and reds, landscape lighting can help bring your vision to life. In addition to setting the tone, artfully placed lighting can help improve visibility and safety, while also drawing special attention to your seasonal décor.


The fall is a great time to add evergreens to your landscape. These hearty, vibrant shrubs and flowering bushes provide year-round color even as the seasons change. Some of the most popular evergreens for Houston landscapes include sea green juniper, which features long, stiff fronds; Japanese boxwood, a dwarf shrub that provides great ground coverage; and, variegated flax lily, recognizable by its long white-and-green striped leaves — just to name a few.

Seasonal Blooms

And last but certainly not least, flowers are a wonderful way to add seasonal color to your landscape. Whether adding plantings or potted displays, there are several popular autumnal flowers that can brighten up your garden. Bright orange, red and fuchsia chrysanthemums — also called mums — are perhaps the most popular seasonal flowers. We also like to incorporate shades of purple, white and green with star-shaped aster, vibrant echinacea, classic Shasta daisies and even ornamental cabbage.

If you have a big party or family gathering coming up, or if you are just feeling festive this fall, we can help you transform your landscape for the season. Let us know what you have coming up, and our team will develop a customized plan to meet your specific landscaping needs.