Complementing Your Landscape with Water Features

Whether it’s a pool, a fountain or a running stream, water features are a popular way to liven up your outdoor space. Besides adding a relaxing ambiance and the peaceful sounds of running water, water features can be used as focal points or just complementary additions to a landscape design that brings out the best of nature.

Incorporate Natural Water Features into Landscaping
If you’d like your water feature to look more like a natural occurrence, it’s easy to do so while incorporating the feature into your landscape design. Creating a waterfall made of natural boulders will add an element of privacy to your yard, and transform your garden into a flowing stream that makes use of uneven terrain.

Add a Water Feature to Your Outdoor Kitchen
Making a water feature the focal point of your outdoor kitchen adds another layer of modern ambiance to your landscape design. Combined with outdoor seating and plant life, a water feature transforms the space into a relaxing, central source of entertainment.

Gather Around a Traditional Fountain
A simple way to incorporate water features into your landscape is by adding a traditional fountain. There are many different types of fountains, ranging from traditional pedestal fountains to more modern-looking sculptural fountains. Fountains easily fit into any size of yard and are a simple way to bring the tranquil movements of water into your outdoor space.

Looking to find the water feature that’s a perfect fit for your garden? Contact the experts at Prewett, Read & Associates for help with the design, installation and maintenance of your feature.