Brighten Your Garden for the Upcoming Holidays

The weather is beginning to cool, and the lush days of summer are fading away. But just because we’re entering the fall season doesn’t mean that your landscape design should fall by the wayside. There are many ways to prepare your landscape for the fall and winter months, while sprucing up its look for the upcoming holidays.

Keep Your Landscape Clean
The onset of fall means your garden will be subjected to a lot of dead leaves as they fall from surrounding trees. Keep your landscape fresh by regularly raking leaves and removing debris that can accumulate along the sides of your home or underneath raised decks. And even though cooler temperatures will slow the rate of your grass growth, be sure to keep it healthy by regularly watering and mowing so it will be ready to spring to life next year.

Prep for the Winter
Get your landscape ready for the cooler months by taking proactive measures to prevent damage to your plants and grass. Weed and fertilize your lawn to ensure that it receives a nutrient boost before temperatures begin to drop. Mulching your garden beds will also add a layer of protection to your plants and insulate them against the cold while preventing soil erosion from fall and winter rains.

Get into the Holiday Spirit
Finally, it’s time to brighten up your landscape with some seasonal color to make your garden merry and bright. Plant foliage and flowers that welcome the new seasons with pops of color that make your landscape picture-perfect. Poinsettias, a classic holiday plant, come in deeply beautiful shades of red, white and pink. The silver-gray foliage of dusty miller plants give the appearance of frost on leaves, and are the perfect compliment to more vibrant fall flowers like burgundy or violet snapdragons.

Ready to get your landscape in perfect shape for winter? Reach out to Prewett, Read & Associates to get started on your perfect holiday garden.