Breathe New Life into Your Landscape

A meticulously maintained front landscape in Houston, Texas.

As we approach winter, the dawn of the new year presents an exciting opportunity to create a fresh, inviting and sustainable landscape. From pergolas to peonies, this is an ideal time to re-envision your outdoor spaces. Whether that vision involves a complete renovation or simply updating your plantings to reflect the changing seasons, a landscape architecture firm can help you breathe new life into your outdoor space with these steps.

Vision & Planning

Begin your transformation journey with a clear vision. Consider the style, purpose and functionality you want to achieve with your landscape. Identify and clarify your specific goals. For example, do you want to expand your outdoor entertainment area to host gatherings? Or, do you want to support the local ecosystem with a pollinator garden? Once you have a vision, you can work with a professional landscape architecture firm to help you develop a customized plan to realize your goals. At Prewett, Read & Associates for example, we work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their unique preferences and personal style before we get to work. Once we have a sense of the big picture, we start mapping out a tailored plan of action.

Design-Build Process

Once we have a finalized concept and approved sketch up — a professional visual representation of the plan — we begin the development stage. At Prewett, Read & Associates, we provide a full design-build process, meaning we handle both the design and installation of the landscape elements. A combined design-build process allows for a more seamless process, as the design brief, development, construction and installation are all handled under one company. During this project phase, our team works with skilled professionals across a wide range of industries — from engineers to interior designers — depending on the specific landscaping needs.

Plant Selection

Another important aspect of landscape design is selecting the plants you’d like to incorporate. We recommend selecting plant species and varieties that thrive in your local climate and are resilient to environmental challenges. For example, if your garden has lots of shaded areas, you’ll want to consider plants that do best in low, indirect lighting. On the other hand, if you live in a hot, humid climate like the Gulf Coast region, you’ll want to opt for varieties that can withstand high temperatures and moisture. Once you’ve identified plants most suited to your environment, consider mixing in a variety of colors, shapes and textures to create a visually appealing landscape.

Irrigation & Water Management

Efficient water management is crucial for a sustainable landscape, making it essential to have a properly installed irrigation system. Not only will this help reduce over- or under-watering your landscape, which can be wasteful and costly, but it allows your garden to stay healthy and lush. But irrigation is only half of the battle. You’ll also need an effective drainage system in place, properly tailored to meet the needs of your unique landscape design.

Maintenance Plan

A comprehensive maintenance plan helps ensure the longevity of your landscape, keeping it lush year-round. Our certified maintenance team is proactive about taking care of your outdoor space, inspecting each detail throughout, trimming, weeding and pruning as needed. We also take special care to protect plants against inclement weather, including freezes and heat waves.

A landscape architecture firm helps you create custom outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. As you look ahead to the new year, these steps will guide you toward achieving that landscape you envision — and maintaining it for the years to come. Embrace the future of landscape design and make 2024 a year of remarkable transformations.