A Non-Chemical Way to Keep the Mosquitoes at Bay.

It’s the season for backyard parties and barbeques, but no matter what part of Houston you’re from, there’s one guest you hope doesn’t show up: mosquitoes. Sure to ruin any gathering, large or small, mosquitoes are hands-down a nuisance. Beyond biting and leaving their prey with itchy, red welts, lately, mosquitoes have become a greater concern because of the diseases they carry including West Nile and Zika.

To keep your backyard a safe-haven from mosquitos, consider incorporating plants that naturally repel the insect. As a safe alternative to sprays and chemicals, these plants do the trick when it comes to deterring mosquitoes while adding beautiful scents to your garden.

Citronella Grass
You may have heard of – or even used – citronella spray or candles in the past. Like those store-bought products, this low-maintenance plant keeps the mosquitoes away.

While we might enjoy the scent of lavender, mosquitoes don’t – which helps ward them off. Keeping the plant in pots on patios or near doors will help the insect stay away from where they’re not welcomed.

Containing pyrethrum, a repellent compound, this annual flower will keep mosquitoes, as well as other insects, away from your guests and other parts of your backyard like your vegetable garden.

Grow it to add flavor to your recipes and reap the benefits of its pungent smell to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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