A Garden Fit for Man’s Best Friend – Choosing Dog-Friendly Plants

Since Fido is a beloved member of most families, Prewett, Read & Associates shares recommendations to create a landscape functional for you and your dog! From types of plantings to strategically designed spaces, these tips are sure to please the canine in your household.

  • Active Dogs: If your pet likes to run, we can leave the space open between perimeter plantings and the fence to give them room. Also planting grassy, textured plants that bend easily will help your landscape hold up if your dog does happen to run through garden beds.
  • Curious Dogs: Some common plants can be poisonous to dogs and may cause health issues like stomach disorders. If we know your dog will have free reign in the garden, we’ll choose pet-friendly plantings. You can also contact our team for a list of common plants that are hazardous to a dog’s health.
  • Playful Dogs: We ensure adequate drainage to help your lawn holdup against play. Synthetic turf is also a popular option for dog play areas. Just keep in mind the importance of cleaning up regularly.

Don’t want to share your space?

Our team also designs separate places for pets and plants, helping them both thrive. Gates and fences are good ways to physically separate spaces within a landscape and we can even incorporate see-through structures, versus solid and opaque, for dog runs or other play areas.

Whether you’d like to share your landscape with your dog or prefer separate spaces, the Prewett, Read & Associates team will design a plan that makes you and your pet happy. Contact us to get started.