Small Pool, Big Potential: 4 Ideas for Small Swimming Pools

Small swimming pools can offer great places to rest and relax in your own backyard

When space is tight, it can be hard to imagine adding a new feature to your backyard — but that’s where small swimming pools come in.

No matter the size of your yard, you can still make a big splash with a small pool. Choose from a wide range of architectural styles — from classic to contemporary — that provide all the same great benefits, in a fraction of the real estate. Let’s take a look at these design ideas that can help you make the most of your space.

Lap Pools

These elongated, rectangular small swimming pools are great for yards with limited space. Though originally designed for exercise and fitness, lap pools are extremely versatile. They are great for relaxation and can serve as a focal design point, elevating your yard’s landscape architecture. Lap pools are often installed in-ground and can be surrounded by a patio or deck for added design elements.

Plunge Pools

Also called dipping pools, the small swimming pools are great for compact spaces and popular for relaxation and aquatic rehabilitation. Similar in size to a hot tub, plunge pools can be installed alongside fences, patios, decks and other spaces a traditional pool may not fit. Plunge pools can be installed in-ground or above ground, allowing for more flexibility when selecting the location.

Stock Tank Pools

Go for a more rustic feel with a livestock-watering-tank-turned-backyard-pool. Dubbed “the Mason jars of backyard pools” by The Strategist, these above-ground pools have been rising in popularity over the past few years. These small swimming pools come in a variety of sizes, most commonly from three feet to eight feet in diameter and can be round or oval shaped.

Two-Tiered Pools

Save space by building up with a two-tiered pool. These pools, also called double-deckers allow for a wide range of creativity and architectural versatility. From incorporating waterfalls and fountains to patterned tiles or natural materials, stacked pools give you more space to work with.

Are you ready to dive into the potential your small backyard has? The team at Prewett, Read & Associates is here to help. Our landscape architects can work with you to find the best small swimming pool for your yard. Contact us today to stay cool by the pool this summer.