3 Ways to Show Your Garden Some Love

manicured garden in Houston, Texas

The winter months can be hard on your garden. Between limited sunlight and Houston’s yo-yo-ing cold weather, many plants lose water and grow more slowly trying to conserve energy. This can lead to bare tree branches, sparse shrubs and a lack of blooms, as plants go dormant for the holidays.

In contrast, spring is a time of rebirth, bringing beautiful new blossoms and vibrant colors to gardens. From clearing winter debris to feeding your plants nutrient-rich fertilizer, we’ve prepared a list of ways to show your landscape some love before the arrival of spring. Taking these simple steps will help ensure your garden will stay healthy and vibrant in the months ahead.


Start by clearing away winter debris such as dead leaves, fallen tree branches, pinecones and other plant detritus that may have collected during the cold weather months. Fallen plant material not only makes it more difficult to navigate your garden and complete the following two steps, but it also provides a welcoming environment for pests and plant diseases that can affect your garden’s health.


Next, prune away dead branches and leaves, along with any broken, diseased or woody plant material. This will help plants by allowing space for new growth in the spring and making sure that valuable nutrients are available to support that growth, rather than being wasted on unhealthy plant matter. Pruning trees and shrubs also allow you to shape them to achieve the desired look.


Once your plants are pruned and the landscape is clear of winter debris, fertilizing is the next crucial step. Many plants often struggle to get enough nutrients during the winter, especially as the limited daylight impacts photosynthesis. Fertilizing allows plants to refuel, so to speak, and get the nutrients they have been missing. This will help keep plants healthy and lush as the spring season brings new blooms and growth.

These three steps are invaluable when it comes to a thriving spring landscape. So, don’t be afraid to show your garden a little love and look forward to the brilliant results ahead. If you have questions or would like a consultation, the team at Prewett, Read & Associates is here to help. Reach out to us today to see how we can prepare your garden for the spring.